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Malakye Picks: Strengthen Your Job Search

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Katie Ferraro

6 Resolutions That Will Land You a Job in 2015 (read it on usnews.com)
Why Read It? Because maybe it's time to rethink your job search approach.

  • Focus on tailoring your resume for the jobs that you really want, rather than submitting a generic resume to as many positions as possible.
  • Use your cover letter to reveal new information about your qualifications, explain why you are interested in that specific role, and show a little personality!
  • The interviewer and company culture is a good gauge of whether the job is right for you - after all, the position could look great on paper, but once you're in the environment, you may learn otherwise.
  • Help a friend out! If you have connections at a company they are applying to, reach out to them, or if you see a job that's fitting for them, pass it along.

"Finding ways to help other job seekers isn't just a kind thing to do; it'll also make you feel good, pay forward any help you've received yourself and – here's the self-interested part – put you front and center on the radar screen of people in your network, which can only help in the long-run." 


15 LinkedIn Tips to Improve Your Job Search(read it on cio.com)
Why Read It? Because your LinkedIn profile is a digital version of your resume and cover letter.

  • Update your profile photo to reflect the job you want.
  • Your profile is a great time to show your personality.
  • Set your profile to public so employers can easily find you.

"The right LinkedIn profile can boost your visibility, improve your overall Web presence and strengthen your professional brand."


4 Ways to Impress a Hiring Manager Before You Even Walk in the Door
(read it on themuse.com)

Presenting Yourself in Person: Mastering the Job Interview
(read it on idealistcareers.com)


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