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Malakye Picks: Transform Yourself!

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There's an opportunity in your area!

Increase Your Value Think of Yourself as a Product (read it on forbes.com)

Why Read It? Because companies spend time every year listening to their customers' needs and then they work on upgrading and improving their products. Why? So they can sell more of their products and services in the marketplace.

There's an opportunity in your area!

  • Determine how you can 'upgrade' yourself. Whether it's taking an online class, enrolling in a college extension program, or reading more, you can make yourself more valuable as an employee as you progress in whichever route you choose. But be sure to stay on track!
  • Never stop learning or growing. Continuously seeking knowledge should be a lifelong pursuit. What have you done in the last few years to improve yourself?

"There are obvious attractions for working, and earning money is probably top of the list, but unless your underlying wants and needs are also met by going out to work, then you're unlikely to be happy on a day to day basis."

Practical Ways To Improve Yourself (read it on lifehack.org)

Why Read It? Because there is always something you can improve upon. Here are some tips to to consider for personal growth. Hit the link above for many more!

  • Pick up a new hobby. Learning something new requires you to stretch yourself in different aspects, whether physically, mentally or emotionally.
  • Overcome your fears. Recognize that your fears reflect areas where you can grow.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Real growth comes with hard work and sweat. Being too comfortable doesn't help us grow..
  • Ask for feedback. Asking for feedback will give you an alternative perspective, potentially allowing you to see your blind spots.
  • Acknowledge your flaws. Everyone has flaws. What's most important is to understand them, acknowledge them, and address them.
  • Get into action. The best way to learn and improve is to take action.
  • Learn from people who inspire you. What are the qualities in them you want to have for yourself? How can you acquire these qualities?
  • Start a business venture. Is there anything you have an interest in? Why not turn it into a venture and make money while learning at the same time?

"Are you someone who likes to grow? Do you constantly seek to improve yourself and become better?"

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

Be Seen, Be Heard

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The Secret of Success? Epic Fail.
(read it on gq.co.uk)

There's an opportunity in your area!

Transform Your Life
(read it on success.com)

There's an opportunity in your area!

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