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Malakye Picks: Your Brand is You

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Katie Ferraro
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5 Ways to Put the Person in Personal Branding by Leslie Juvin-Acker (read it on Malakye.com)
Why Read It? Because being your authentic self is more powerful than recreating you.

  • Meaningful relationships are created when you are true to yourself and don't try to force things to happen
  • You should be able to tell others about your "brand" many different ways, but always with the same center point
  • Be your own success story by depending on your strengths to help overcome your weaknesses

"With so many others out there doing their own thing - some succeeding and others flailing - it's possible to get distracted and try to copy others who seem to be more successful. My advice is to avoid this because the authentic you can get lost in the noise of distraction."


Personal Branding Is A Leadership Requirement, Not a Self-Promotion Campaign (read it on forbes.com)
Why Read It? Because creating your personal brand does not mean simply promoting yourself through social media.

  • Showing others they can count on you is a large part of creating your personal brand
  • Your brand is similar to a trademark, in that, you want to protect it while building it
  • How others view you as an individual and a leader is your brand

"Personal branding, much like social media, is about making a full-time commitment to the journey of defining yourself as a leader and how this will shape the manner in which you will serve others."

The Brand Called You
(read it on fastcompany.com)

Reinventing Your Personal Brand
(read it on hbr.org)

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