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Moon Fabrications Partners with Green Places to Offset Their Carbon Footprint

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Sarah Steinwand


San Francisco, CA. (September 28, 2021)Moon Fabrications, is excited to announce a new partnership with Green Places to offset their company footprint and become carbon neutral. This is part of Moon’s recurring commitment to both offset and reduce emissions.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve added more people that can contribute to our sustainability efforts,” said Matthew Pearson, Co-Founder of Moon. “Sustainability has always been important to us, so the sooner we can go carbon neutral the better.”

Moon designs simple tools that make outdoor experiences more accessible and enjoyable. They believe that simplifying what we bring outdoors creates space for what is actually important: genuine experiences and authentic connection with others, ourselves, and nature. This cannot happen without being careful stewards and protectors of the outdoors. Moon makes manufacturing choices to ensure their products are as environmentally friendly as possible, and prioritize offsetting their carbon footprint.

Green Places helped Moon calculate their carbon footprint, and then sourced and funded high-impact and verified carbon projects to offset their impact. They also helped Moon build a sustainability plan to continue their commitment to sustainability moving forward.

Moon’s renowned MoonShade is a simple portable awning that makes getting outdoors easier and staying outdoors more comfortable. It is durable, lightweight, packable, easy to set up, and it attaches to virtually anything.

For more information on Moon and their sustainability efforts, visit GreenPlaces.com and MoonFab.com.

About Moon Fabrications, Inc.:

Moon Fabrications was born with a mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible and more enjoyable for everyone. Founded in San Francisco in 2018 by Matthew Pearson and Henry Proegler, MoonFab is committed to creating designs that are simple, elegant, and versatile. By simplifying the “stuff” we bring outdoors, we create space for what is actually important: genuine experiences and authentic connection with others, ourselves, and nature. Our thoughtfully-designed products enable you to spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the outdoor experiences you love most. Follow us @moon_fabrications.

About Green Places:
Green Places was founded on the principle that small and mid-sized businesses can be major contributors to the sustainability conversation. The company’s goal is to make sustainability accessible to all businesses with easy tools and science-backed solutions from climate experts, maximizing environmental impact by pooling resources to combat the climate crisis.

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