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Morino Wool Popularity Continues to Grow, Introducing I/O Biocompatibles

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Morino Wool Popularity Continues to Grow, Introducing I/O Biocompatibles

Organic is a Myth. Nature is not pure or simple. It’s not something you can get back to. Without nostalgia, I/O reveals the technology at the heart of the natural.  The structural complexity of superfine wool fiber is the starting point for a science of biocompatible design. Intelligent natural fabrics are here and now. On/Off . Blink. I/O.

I/O is a collective of individuals who have discovered that performance in the urban arena requires the same intensity as in the most exposed environments. The divide between the outside world and the world of shelter is dissolving, leading to a new mode of cross-living or trans-habitation.  Inside and Outside are one. I/O.

In cooperation with the century-and-a-half heritage of the Michell family on the coastline of Australia’s Southern Ocean, I/O combines the world’s finest wool fiber with advanced fabrication methods to create a new breed of apparel. Action sports veterans Rob “Bernie” Bernthal, Albert Liu and Johnny West are building I/O’s Heavy User Network (HUN) to showcase the world’s first vertical wool technology solution. Get off the Brandwagon. Know your material.

For more information, see www.iobiocompatibles.com.

I/O offices are located in Cardiff, California and Zurich, Switzerland.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291