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Nikita Clothing announces the opening of their first U.S. based office

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Iceland’s Nikita Clothing announces the opening of their first U.S. based office, located at 1714 Stockton St, in San Francisco’s historic North Beachdistrict. 

(December 26th, 2005)  “This is a huge change for Nikita and our customers,” say’s Nikita’s General Manager, Runar Omarsson. “We will now have a full time staff dedicated to sales, marketing and customer service in the United States, plus with the breeze from the ocean, the landscape of the city, and direct flights to Reykjavik, San Francisco feels just like home.”

Nikita’s Owner and Designer, Heida Birgisdottir agrees. "Out of all of the cities in the USA, San Francisco is the one that Nikita resembles most; close to the mountains, close to the surf, close to skate, full of art and street-style and ready for an earthquake."

The new San Francisco office will include full-time sales and marketing staff from Deep Distribution, Nikita’s former US Distributor. Jen McVey will serve as the Vice President, Jessie Cohen-Marketing Manager, Amabile Dyer-Customer Service Manager, and Liz Curtiss-Moral Support. The new offices will also include an onsite showroom and off-site ware-house in San Jose.

“Because of our strong roots in snowboarding Tahoe has always been a nice location for Nikita, but we chose San Francisco because of its similarities with our Icelandic headquarters,” Say Nikita USA’s new Vice President Jen McVey. “It's a coastal city, it's cosmopolitan, fashion forward, close to snowboarding, beaches for surfing, and the water is really fricking cold.” 

Nikita Clothing USA will be open for business January 2, 2006, and will begin shipping on January 9th. For more information on Nikita’s new digs in the USA, please contact Jessie Cohen: Jessie@nikitaclothing.com

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291