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Norrøna Reveals Purpose-Built Fall 2022 Ski Collection

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Ryan Silven

Account Manager at rygr

BOULDER, Colo. (Nov. 11, 2021) — Norrøna, the four-season Norwegian outdoor brand known for its sustainably built premium outerwear, unveils its Fall 2022 collection featuring its most innovative products to date. Expanding upon its iconic lyngen, and lofoten collections, Norrøna introduces purpose-built products for big mountain freeride ski touring and mountaineering built to withstand all weather conditions.

“Skiers are pushing their limits further than ever before and requiring products with premium fabrics, quality, fit and functionality to meet their needs. In keeping with our design philosophy, loaded minimalism, the upcoming fall collection features both commercial and unique products that are optimized for protection, breathability, durability, versatility for whatever the mountains dish out,“ says U.S. sales manager, Adam Chamberlain. “With outdoor participation rates at an all-time high, we are excited to expand our product offerings across multiple collections, while simultaneously leading with a truly minimized environmental footprint for every style.”