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Norrøna’s Winter Collection Featured in Four Prestigious Buyer’s Guides

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Ryan Silven

Account Manager at rygr

BOULDER, Colo. (Nov. 18, 2021) — Norrøna, the four-season Norwegian outdoor brand known for its sustainably built premium outerwear, celebrates the inclusion of key new styles from its winter collection in four of the most respected buyer’s guides in the outdoor industry: Outside Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, Backcountry Magazine and Blister Gear Review. The media outlets highlighted eight industry leading Norrøna products, including the all-new lofoten Gore-Tex Thermo100 Jacket, lyngen Dri2 Thermo60 Jacket and trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Light Jacket in their recently published annual winter gear guides.

“Our no-compromise approach to meticulously designing, testing and executing each product enables the fantastic experiences the buyer’s guide testers had with our products. This is what we hope for when we build all our apparel and gear – delivering ultimate durability, functionality and joy to our outdoor family,” says Adam Chamberlain, U.S. sales manager Norrøna. “We are honored and excited for the inclusion in these key buyer’s guides and will continuously aim to deliver industry leading products to our adventure-minded customers.”

The lofoten Gore-Tex Thermo 100 Jacket was featured in the “Best Jacket” category, named the best fully featured