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North Carolina's Outerbanks Gets New Specialty Shop - 158

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North Carolina's Outerbanks Gets New Specialty Shop - 158
158 combine's over 40 years in the industry into a retail outlet.

With over 40 years of surf and skate experience between the three partners, 158 is opening its doors. 158 owners, Matthew Price, Mike Rowe, and Craig Purkiss have been busy putting together a unique retail shop in the heart of Kitty Hawk, NC. Matt Price has been doing graphic design with Savage Rips clothing for over 5 years. He has managed numerous surf shops on the east coast and even dipped into the repping game a couple years back. Craig Purkiss has been in the surf industry for over a decade, repping for companies like Bully's, Viper fins, Zinka, Crush/Kreed eyewear and many more. He has managed surf shops since 1998 and also partnered up with Matt in 2002 to start Savage Rips clothing. Mike Rowe is the owner/shaper for Hooked surfboards and apparel; he started making glass fins in the 90's and was a shop rat for New Sun in the 80's. Mike specializes in custom surfboard shapes.

After many discussions and idea swapping the three different personality's joined forces to form 158 Surf and Skate. The black and white interior, clean lines, abstract art, and well merchandised displays give 158 a decor like no other. Inside you will find national and local art along with custom made surfboards and limited edition surf, skate, and street wear. "Because of the success of Savage Rips and the demand for surfboards from Hooked, we decided to combine the brands and open a showroom."-Craig Purkiss. 158 is not your typical surf retail store, it's more of a surf and skate boutique. "We wanted to stay away from the mainstream and focus on some underground brands to bring an edgier side to this area. "-Matt Price.

"The goal of 158 is to provide a retail store dedicated to the other group of surfers, artists and skaters. We have recognized the fact that not everyone wants to buy what they can find in the malls and in every other surf shop in there area. Its time to for a shop to bring all of that to them, instead of the customers searching online to try and find something outside the box. That is where 158 comes in."-Craig Purkiss

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291