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Northwest Rep Dan 'White Shoes' Scorcinelli Joins EESA

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Northwest Rep Dan 'White Shoes' Scorcinelli  Joins EESA 

The rumors are true Dan 'White Shoes' Scorcinelli has joined eesa to represent the great Northwest and the story goes a little something like this.......

Eesa has teamed up with Dan Sorcinelli to Rep the beautiful Northwest. “Dan had contacted us about repping eesa last spring” says eesa president Stephen Cleary “the trouble was we had just jumped on board with (at the time) Insight 51’s Keith Gardner”. After a summer of shredding Mt. Hood, Sorcinelli had enough of life without the Lux Layering products eesa makes. “eesa makes the most functional products you can wear from lift to lounge and I MUST rep this line” Sorcinelli exclaimed. Sorcinelli quickly came up with a plan to take the line from Gardner. A plan he knew only the crew at eesa would accept. A dance off…


“When Dan first called me about a dance off against Gardner, Frosty and I gave the immediate nod” said Cleary “Little did we know he had a secret weapon up his sleeve we wouldn’t soon forget”. So the plans were laid, the location was set, and the dancing shoes were acquired.


Sorcinelli Rolled up wearing an eesa Rucker Rugby while Gardner was already waiting wearing the eesa Lines shirt. There was a ro-sham-bo to see who would go first. Gardner won with a Rock-beats-Scissors followed by a Paper-beats-Rock lethal culmination. Everyone knew it was on when they saw the intensity in both Sorcinelli and Gardner’s eyes.


Gardner chose to go first and started immediately. The Casio boom box came out and the classic thong song began to thump through the tinny speakers. Gardner’s moves would do his talking for him.


Gardner immediately busted in with a smooth style. His dance consisted of the classics. The dancing involved a complex choreography and combined elements of military drills with contemporary jazz and hip-hop moves, along with singing and chanting to thong song beat.  Gardner’s talent immediately blew everyone away. He ended with a triple Lutz (without ice-skates) and the crowd roared. “We knew Sorcinelli had his work cut out for him,” said Cleary.


It was now time for Sorcinelli to step it up. He knew he could potentially rep the layering brand that is focused on making the best layering products on the planet. Sorcinelli quickly popped his tape into his nearby boom box.  Rhythm nation started to blare and Sorcinelli busted right into it. Starting with Voguing  and quickly yet smoothly transitioning into a gaylick “lord of the dance tribute” Sorcinelli’s body was limber and comfortable even while his feet moved at an exceptionally fast pace. The crowd was already cheering when Sorcinelli made a quick shoe change and came bringing his A-Game tap shoes.  His feet moved so fast and the sweet music he made with his feet was deeply moving. Gardner knew he had been beat.  Sorcinelli started repping eesa the next day and is chomping at the bit to show eesa’s line off to all the shops in the Northwest.

About eesa
eesa lux-layering was created to remove the shackles of the snowboard industries incredibly static first-layer offerings. If you’re still rocking a long-sleeve cotton-T and hooded sweatshirt when you ride; eesa is the brand for you. eesa makes design-driven innerwear and apparel with a sophisticated focus on functional fabrics engineered with our team and your style in mind. The results are lux-layering pieces that can be worn from lift-to-lounge. eesa’s inaugural collection hits select specialty snowboard shops this fall in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan, in addition to online distribution through

Founded on 11.11.04, eesa is the brainchild of former Burton Snowboards anon optics category manager, Stephen Cleary, who together with global sales director Fran Frost, are creating the lifestyle performance category. For stickers and random free shit eesa please e-mail enabler@eesaclothing.com

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