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NRI Distribution Expands Leadership in Support of Client Growth

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Brian White

Business Development Director at NRI Distribution

NRI continues to experience high operational growth driven by the continued success of its brand portfolio. The growth is largely attributed to long-term clients growing their respective businesses in the apparel, footwear, and accessory marketplace. NRI is actively seeking General Manager leadership regionally to strength senior leadership and drives brand success operationally.

With expansive client growth planned over the next three years, NRI is funding a series of operational hires to support their partner's future. With nine-teen current salaried position openings, the future is vibrant with the opportunity to join the NRI team.

NRI Is built to be a leadership development organization. NRI has recently hired a Director of Leadership and Organizational Development. As a people-driven organization with nearly 1000 employees, NRI Is committed to providing career and personal development opportunities for staff at all levels of the organization.

NRI is currently seeking independent thinkers who are motivated and inspired by the brands we partner with. The current open roles included: General Managers (regional), Operations Analyst, Inventory Manager, and multiple Project Specialist roles.

"These roles have long been in our 3-year strategy but driven by unprecedented Client success - we need to respond now and invite new members into the family, " says Chris Maydaniuk, President of NRI

Please find a link to all available positions available for more information click link.

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About NRI USA:
NRI Distribution is a specialist in providing North American logistics services to apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories manufacturers in the outdoor, action sports, fashion and lifestyle industries. We are champions in both wholesale and eCommerce fulfillment. At NRI, a high level of service is a MUST, while providing an enjoyable and freedom-centric workplace to our team members. Both the client and our team member experience are very important to us!

We fundamentally believe that one's mindset establishes the foundation for success in our environment and looks for people that live by and embrace a winning attitude with a propensity for action.

We recognize the opportunities technology brings in an environment of continuous improvement as well as change. Can you challenge the process and be collaborative? Do you prefer to identify opportunities and present solutions to leadership? Are you comfortable in a relationship where you create results every day to justify your role and add value to the team? We view the realities of budget constraints and ROI as challenges and not limitations, do you? If you appreciate new tech solutions, simplicity, data-driven decisions, and initiating change, while acting by the principals of living with integrity, leading through action and delivering excellence while creating harmony and sustainability for all, keep reading.

We have multiple facilities throughout Southern California, and across Canada. We are growing, so an exciting time to join the NRI family!

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