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Outdoor Prolink Expands its Canadian Pro Purchase Program with More Brand Offerings

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Elias Marsh

Account Manager

BOULDER, Colo. (Aug. 17, 2022) – After 17 years of doing business in the United States, Outdoor Prolink, the pro purchase program created for outdoor professionals at the heart of the industry, announced its expansion into Canada last Fall. Over the past ten months, Outdoor Prolink Canada has grown to include the following brands, which are now available for Canadian outdoor professionals: BadFish, G3, Helly Hansen, Mammut, Mountain Hardwear, NOBL Wheels, Red Paddle, SMRT Tent, and Thule.

“I am thrilled we’ve had such a great response from brands and outdoor professionals in Canada over the past year. Connecting brands and outdoor professionals, who are the beating heart of the outdoor industry, to support a brand’s growth and awareness while getting more people outdoors, has been our driving force from day one,” said Gareth Richards, Founder, and CEO of Outdoor Prolink. “Similar to how we’ve taken the responsibility of authenticating and approving pros very seriously for over a decade, we will continue to honor our unwavering commitment to doing so as we welcome our Canadian neighbor to our pro purchase program.”

“When Gareth and Kenzie approached us about wanting to expand Outdoor Prolink into Canada we were excited to get involved right away,” said David Russo, VP of Sales and Marketing for Mammut North America. “OPL has always understood the value of connecting brands with mountain professionals and at Mammut North America those professionals are vital to our business. The feedback professionals provide on our products allows us to develop the best gear to meet the demands of their work and keep all Mammut users safe and confident in the mountains.”

“We are excited to partner with the team at Outdoor Prolink to now make our products available to Canadian outdoor professionals, who are instrumental to our business,” said Mike, [job title] at BadFish. “It is of the utmost importance that we remain responsible in only working with the most qualified, vetted and authentic professionals to help grow industry awareness about Badfish, and we know there’s no greater partner to do so with than the Outdoor Prolink team.”

Outdoor Prolink’s verified members are professionals who guide, educate, train, mentor, outfit, and lead a wide audience in outdoor recreation. They dedicate their careers to getting more people outside and helping them fall in love with the great outdoors. By the end of 2022, Outdoor Prolink hopes to expand its network of Canada-based outdoor professionals to 15,000 members.

Outdoor Prolink takes great authority in its verification process of outdoor professionals to remain a responsible pro purchase program to serve the outdoor industry. To learn more about Outdoor Prolink’s commitment to remaining a clean channel connecting pros, brands, and specialty retailers, check out the company’s manifesto here.

Canadian-based brands or any brands interested in expanding their pro program into Outdoor Prolink Canada can visit the partnership page here: outdoorprolink.ca/letspartner. If you live in Canada and work in the industry and are interested in becoming an Outdoor Prolink professional, please visit the following link to see if you qualify: outdoorprolink.ca/professionals

For more information, please visit: outdoorprolink.ca.

About Outdoor Prolink

Founded in 2004, Outdoor Prolink acts as the facilitator of trust to connect qualified outdoor professionals with the best outdoor brands. Utilizing a strict vetting process, Outdoor Prolink strives to be the most authentic and responsible pro purchase program in the industry. Through the platform, brands engage trusted outdoor professionals and utilize their influence to drive retail sales growth. Qualified outdoor professionals earn privileged discounts on the outdoor gear they rely on for their work, in order to further the pursuit of outdoor recreation for everyone.

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