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SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics Announce Lineup for “Party Lines” Event

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Donovan Dresti

VP SAN DIEGO LEGION at Platform1 Marketing

SWAY Energy Drink and The Berrics Announce Lineup for “Party Lines” Event 

Los Angeles, CA (November 22, 2021) – SWAY Energy and The Berrics have announced the lineup for the highly anticipated “Party Lines” event, which is set to take place December 1 thorough 20, and feature some of the biggest names in skateboarding.

The all-new competition format will showcase four teams each with 24 hours to present their best moves in the Berrics 35,000 square foot facility. Videos of the teams will be streamed on the Berrics website for viewers to cast their vote for their favorite performers. Winners will be announced on December 20 through The Berrics website and social media channels. 

Led by some of the most influential and talented women in the field, the teams will include athletic heavyweights Mamaskate, Skatemoss, Monica Torres, Chelsea Castro, Eunice, Filipe Mota, Eric Bragg and more. Teams will be judged on creativity and style for a $5,000 cash prize. 

“We are honored to support the athletic community with a clean energy option that supports peak performance” said Elegance Brands CEO Raj Beri, “This event demonstrates the importance of staying fueled to improve longevity, as the athletes will be performing over a 24-hour period.” 

SWAY Energy is an innovative and proprietary blend that has the unique ability to aid muscle formation, boost energy, and aid in the body’s natural immune response. With clean ingredients and performance boosting qualities, it makes the perfect energy drink alternative for professional athletes. 

We are excited to partner with Sway Energy to bring a new contest format to life” says Steve Berra Cofounder of the Berrics. “Party Lines is the ideal event to wrap up an amazing year celebrating our theme of community. We can’t wait to see what these teams are going to do” The Berrics has long been a place for some of the most progressive skateboarding in the world. Recently, the 35,000-square-foot training facility was home to training Olympic athletes and world-class professionals looking to perfect their craft. 

For more information on teams, attendees, viewing and voting, visit www.berrics.com 

About Elegance Brands, Inc. Elegance Brands, Inc. is a global beverage company that develops, markets, and distributes products with a focus on innovation. In addition to its flagship brand, Gorilla Hemp CBD Energy Drink, Elegance Brands offers a range of functional beverages, plus super-premium spirits, and alcohol brands, including Elegance Vodka and VOCO canned cocktail. 

About the Berrics: The Berrics was formed in 2007, at a time when online skateboard media was a blank slate ripe for experimentation, by professional skateboarders Steve Berra & Eric Koston. The launch of TheBerrics.com was a perfect example of supply and demand intersecting with burgeoning technological advancements. Today, The Berrics (a portmanteau of "Berra" and "Eric") is established as the leading media manufacturer for skateboarding and all associated action sports. Attracting millions of viewers worldwide and integrating a far-reaching network of channels across multiple platforms. 

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