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TEAM: Bakoda is Seeking Brand Ambassadors for Gear Testing, Swag Wearing and Powder Driven Travel

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Bakoda is seeking brand ambassadors for gear testing, swag wearing and powder driven travel.
Press Release from Bakoda

Originally conceived in late 80’s, Bakoda has been relaunched with a renewed commitment to design innovation and fostering stoke. Winter 2013-14 product is now available and we are looking forward to ensuring snowboarders and skiers have the most innovative accessories backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.  

Commitment and connection to the community is a key foundation of the Bakoda brand and we are in the midst of assembling a team of Bakoda Ambassadors. We’d like to hear from the dedicated amongst us that take skiing and snowboarding a little further than is healthy. Perhaps you barely finished school before b-lining it to a ski town, you live in a van or on a couch and log 100+ days a year.  If any of things sound vaguely familiar we’d like to hear from you. Dedication and athleticism inspires us, and everything we do at Bakoda is about fostering that stoke.  We want to work with individuals that embody that mentality, ensuring your stories are getting out into the snowboard and ski community and that we are getting insightful product field testing.

In addition to more established athletes we want to hear from the young passionate shredders out there, so don’t count yourself out if you haven’t had your photo published in a magazine yet.  Send an email to ambassadors@bakoda.com and tell us about yourself.  Visit www.bakoda.com for more details.

Winter is coming. Getting stoked!

- The Bakoda Team

Press Enquiries
David Westwood       
Product Development, Marketing Manager    
T: 604-325-6697 ext.  104    

About Bakoda
Originally conceived in late 80’s, Bakoda began innovating with the manufacture of old school snowboard leashes to address ski resort’s needs for better safety systems in the burgeoning sport.  The single leash grew into a variety of snowboard accessories and Bakoda moved its operations to Whistler BC within a few years and developed the first snowboard tool: The McIver Driver. Bakoda joined Northwave-Drake in 1998 and moved operations to Seattle, designing innovative bags, tuning equipment and snowboard accessories. By the late 2000’s the brand was being managed out of Italy and waivered on its founding values of design innovation and commitment to the snowboard community. Wanting to return the once storied accessories brand to prominence, it was purchased by a local Vancouver based accessories company and is being relaunched with a renewed commitment to fostering stoke and design innovation. Winter 2013-14 product is now available and we’re really looking forward to ensuring snowboarders and skiers have the gear the need to make the most of their time on and off the hill.  

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291