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TEAM: TEAM PHUN adds two accomplished young athletes to its diverse and growing community

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San Diego based company finds inspiration in youth and adds sponsorships
Press Release from TEAM PHUN

Hannah Blevins, an 11-year-old surfer with 70 victories
Conner Churchill, a 7-year-old Kid-Kart racer with Legg-Perthes disease

TEAM PHUN™, a San Diego based lifestyle apparel and accessory company has added two new celebrity members to its rapidly expanding community, both under the age of 12. Hannah Blevins is an 11-year old surfer from Florida and Conner Churchill is a 7-year old Go-Kart racer from Wisconsin.

“We believe in creating alliances and partnerships between everyone, hence our motto ‘All for PHUN, PHUN for all’, said Jesse Goodwick, creator and CEO. “We try to create products keeping all ages and abilities in mind and want this spectrum to be reflected in the community members we support”.

Hannah Blevins started surfing when she was nine and has since taken home over 70 wins nationwide. When she’s not surfing, skating and paddle-boarding, she spends her free time volunteering for beach cleanups, autism causes and food drives. She has been featured in magazines and even a feature film showing that age can’t limit what you can accomplish.

Conner Churchill was diagnosed with Legg-Perthes disease when he was only 2 years old but has by no means let that define him. The disease constricts movement in his legs, but has opened doors to the world of Kid Kart Racing, a sport reserved for those under 8. Conner has become a regular fixture in the world of Kid-Kart Racing traveling out of state to compete while shouldering a can-do attitude in his endeavors.

Both Hannah and Conner serve as inspirations for all ages showcasing their determination and positivity as a vector for success. You can read more about them and TEAM PHUN’s diverse community at http://www.teamphun.com/community.html.

TEAM PHUN™ recognizes, sponsors and encourages fellowship among a diverse confederation of self-defining and socially-active communities by providing fun, distinctive, functional apparel, headwear and accessories designed to characterize and promote all lifestyles.

For more information, digital images or video clips, contact Lindsey at (203) 994-6108, linz@TEAMPHUN.com or visit the website at www.TEAMPHUN.com.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291