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TECH: iMa Brings Location-Based Mobile Marketing to Action Sports Industry

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TECH: iMa Brings Location-Based Mobile Marketing to Action Sports Industry
Technology used by world’s largest retailers now available in action sports market.

Imagine Marketing Agency, ambassador to the Action Sports and Lifestyle markets is proud to announce a strategic relationship with SolidMedia, to exclusively represent the company’s Proximity Media and location-based mobile marketing solutions within the action sports industry.
SolidMedia’s mobile technology platform incorporates a location aware mobile application, as well as text messaging and hardware components to engage consumers in stores and when they are out and about. The mobile application enables users to access promotional offers and rich media from stores at or near their physical location.  The hardware components called “proximity nodes” enable brands and retailers to send wireless promotions and digital media content directly to mobile devices in stores or at events and exhibits.  Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and text messaging technologies to deliver the initial call to action, consumers opt-in to engage with content, interactive polls, mobile Internet sites, and social media.
The goal is to engage consumers to interact with brands, products and services on their mobile phones to deepen loyalty and enhance their on-site experience within stores and other branded environments.   The wireless messaging and communication capabilities are aggregated through SolidMedia’s mobile platform, which can support promotions with coupons and discounts, loyalty and incentive programs, contests and sweepstakes, mobile web sites, as well as video, audio and graphic downloads.
Wireless communication sent to customers in stores can initiate or trigger a variety of shopping behavior such as driving consumers to branded mobile internet sites where they can shop, watch videos, download content and register for special incentives such as loyalty programs, contests and sweepstakes.  An added value offered by the technology platform is the ability for retailers to monetize their in-store mobile marketing capabilities via sales of third party promotions and more.
In an economy where every marketing dollar counts, SolidMedia’s technology platform enables brands and retailers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing programs and react quickly based on what is working with customers and what isn’t.  The platform is designed to gather a wide variety of customer data that can be accessed and analyzed through an easy to use online console. 
What SolidMedia’s technology brings to the Action Sports industry is a new “turnkey” marketing platform for reaching consumers at the Point of Sale, and new ways of tracking and measuring results and consumer behavior.
Tim Martinez, the Director of Business Development at Imagine Marketing Agency stated, “Americans are unfamiliar with Mobile Marketing yet they are extremely familiar with using their cell phones and they are becoming increasingly so. With the introduction of user friendly phones such as the iPhone, consumers have total control over their mobile experience, more so than ever before. What SolidMedia offers is a solution to non-intrusively engage consumers with value propositions where they’re at most... on their cell phones”.
By nature customers are always looking for deals, retailers for sales and event sponsors for measurable on-site initiatives.  SolidMedia provides a new mobile marketing tool that has limitless benefits and most importantly measurable results. “We‘re excited to work with Imagine as a conduit to bring our unique approach to mobile marketing and proximity media to the Action Sports sector”, said Oliver Eberle, CEO of SolidMedia.  “By providing a mobile layer to Action Sports brands, we believe that SolidMedia can blend and bridge many of their programs through location based mobile marketing and hard data. Ultimately we’re about creating cool experiences that cultivate brand loyalty and a unique dialog between brands and their customers.” 
iMa will exclusively manage Business Development  and industry outreach for  SolidMedia, licensing the technology within the Action Sports industry to Brands, Retailers, Flagships, Trade Shows and for major Events.
For more information about the technology please contact:
Tim Martinez
310 546 5653

About SolidMedia
SolidMedia, Inc. is a US subsidiary of SolidGround, GmbH (Germany) and was launched in 2009 to leverage the success of SolidGround's solutions in the North American market. SolidMedia is a Mobile Technology provider, specializing in Proximity Media and location-based marketing solutions. We streamline the complexities of mobile marketing with turnkey solutions that aggregate best-of-breed wireless technologies. SolidMedia enables our clients to reach target consumers in retail environments with value, measurable communication and experience at the point-of-sale, engaging the always-on-mobile consumer through Proximity-based media and the interactivity and experience of Mobile Internet.

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