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The Board Show | Save A Skatepark, Benefit Art Show

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The Board Show | Save A Skatepark, Benefit Art Show

The Board Show is a small organization established in February 2005 designed to bring a fresh perspective on the connection between creativity and skateboarding. We hope to inspire others to go beyond the norm and allow themselves to take the reigns of creativity beyond just a sport.

The cause: The Board show will benefit DyI skateparks and public parks in need of funds and or representation. As of Sept 5th, the Ripon City Council is trying to take our park for no reason at all. Elk Grove, CA – Laguna Community Park’s skate park, the Elk Grove Community Services District (CSD) Department of Parks and Recreation’s newest attraction, has been closed until further notice for safety measures. Why: The skate park is intended for skateboard and in-line skate users only, but there have been an increasing number of incidences with bikes on the premises. The skate park was meant to be self-regulated by the patrons who use it, but the increase in confrontations and frequent rule violations have contributed to the park’s temporary closure. The regulations for the park are posted on site. We need these parks for our youth and ourselves.

How it works: The plan is to develop an ongoing art show that shows the unlimited possibilities of the skateboard as a canvas, while distributing funds to various skateparks in need. Various skaters (old & new), artists, and people of interest have agreed to design one or more skateboards to keep this sport and way of life for generations to come. Its simple, artists will paint a blank skateboard deck the boards will be displayed in 3 cities in 3 months. The show will continue online for a month where they will be auctioned off with all proceeds to benefit California’s public skateparks. This will continue every year.

Artists involved: Dave Hackett, Judi Oyama, Danny Minnick, Kris Markovich, Ray Willis, Lippy, Snap Jackson, Red Rocket, Janet Men, Lee Smith, James Kelch, Chuck Norris, Greg Smith, Jaya Bonderov, Matt Dove, Clyde Singleton, Greg Carrol, Karl Watson and other, pro skaters /surfers/custom car builders / song writers / graffiti artists /and 1 playboy model.

The Board show is an all skateboard deck art show. If anyone would like to contribute anything please contact us ASAP.

Contact info: 


1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291