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The Media Numbers are in @ Skatercoverage.com!

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The Media Numbers Are In @ Skatercoverage.com!

February media stats on the brands and riders may surprise some
Editor’s note: This is the first installment of what will be a monthly media highlight update, delivered to you during the first week of every month, regarding the industry brands and skaters raw data mined by Skatercoverage.com

LOS ANGELES (March 7, 2007) – Without giving away the farm, yet offering up some serious debate material for the industry, Skatecoverage.com will serve up the industry media numbers on which brands and skaters are skyrocketing to success, while also letting you know which are not clearing the gap in terms of advertising and editorial coverage.
To recap, Skatecoverage.com is brand new bold & innovative approach to painstakingly documenting the entire spectrum of media coverage within the skateboard industry. Never before has a company gone to such lengths to track athletes and companies within the skate industry’s trade publications and relative mainstream media, methodically documenting and providing a comparative analysis of athletes and companies based on empirical data impressions.
So, without further ado, here’s the Skatercoverage.com headlines in terms of media coverage for the month of February, 2007:
Volcom Takes Over The No. 1 Spot!
Company more than doubles editorial coverage

Vans Falls To Second; Editorial Mentions Cut In Half
Drop in advertising dollars spent may be to blame

Big Little Company, Zero, Up From 6th To Overall Podium
Props to hard goods company hanging with the shoe guys, up to 3rd overall

Enjoi’s Barletta Top Out At No. 1 On Skatercoverage.com!
San Jose (Calif.) native bumps Zero’s John Rattray out of the top spot
Element’s Muska Rockets From 29th To 2nd In One Month
Hollywood skate legend scores huge in advertising dept.
Alien Workshop’s Mike Taylor Rounds Out February Podium
Busts from 124th place to knock out Almost’s Chris Haslam for 3rd o/a

Here’s some highlights of what Skatecoverage.com will offer its clients:
*Industry-leading  media monitoring and analysis
*Innovative  analytical data covering angles never before approached
*State-of-the-art  analysis search software exclusive to
*Endemic  and non-endemic media coverage, along with photo incentive reports  
*Detailed,  yet easy-to-understand data graphics and cataloging


About Coverage Inc.:
Coverage Inc.’s aim is to be the leading global  provider of media monitoring and media coverage analysis for action sports companies, athletes, fans and enthusiasts  which utilize traditional and modern (internet and mobile phone) forms of media for PR, advertising and editorial - targeting the action sports demographic.

Please visit us online at www.skatecoverage.com

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291