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This Week On FUEL TV

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This Week On FUEL TV

On The Daily Habit This Week:

“The Great Ride Open” Team and musical guest Aesop Rock – Monday 12.8.08

Today’s show kicks off a radical best of the Daily Habit week with The Great Ride Open Season 2 FMX dune warriors - the innovator, Drake McElroy - the Red Bull experimenter, Ronnie Renner - the new face of FMX, Lance Coury; and last, but not least, the FMX forefathers Tommy Clowers and Jeff Tilton. Plus, musical guest Aesop Rock unleashes his newest wave of hip hop beats to the Habit. Drake McElroy’s sponsors include: DVS, Oakley, Alpinestars, Red Bull, Factory Effex, FMF Race Tech, Dunlop and Bummer High.

Ronnie Renner’s sponsors include: DC, Oakley, Troy Lee Designs, KTM Bikes, Red Bull and GoPro. Lance Coury’s sponsors include: Nike 6.0, Blur Eyewear, Red Bull, Swatch and Setwear. Tommy Clowers’ sponsors include: Red Bull, O’Neill, Vans and Smith. Jeff Tilton’s sponsors include: Vans, Smith, Fox, Red Bull and Yamaha.

The Captain and Casey and musical guest Man Man – Tuesday 12.9.08

The best of the Daily Habit week continues with the infamous duo that has been holding down the FUEL TV fort for many years, “Captain” Jeff Carlson and Chris Casey. Also, sticking with a theme, Braydon Szafranski scouts The Captain and Casey Show set for a look at the new season. Plus, the swampy jazz sounds of Man Man trail through the Habit.

Shaun White and Jussi Oksanen – Wednesday 12.10.08

We are bringing you another best of the Daily Habit episode with guest host Keir Dillon, and Burton team rider and pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen. Plus, skate and snowboard medal collector Shaun White is here to catch us up on his incredible ride. Also, we’ll take a look at the highly anticipated videogame Shaun helped design.  Shaun White’s sponsors include: Adio, Oakley, Burton, Target and Red Bull. Jussi Oksanen’s sponsors include: Northstar at Tahoe, DVS, Smith, WESC, Burton, Rockstar Energy, and Mizu.

Guy Mariano and Musical Guest Hank III – Thursday 12.11.08

Today, The Daily Habit is hooking you up with one of the best episodes ever - Lakai teamrider and all-around skate icon, Guy Mariano is here on the Habit. Plus, we take a look back at Guy racking up the honors at the Transworld Skate Awards. Also, Hank III hooks us up with a couple performances off his new album, Damn Right, Rebel Proud.

Guy Mariano’s sponsors include: Lakai, Fourstar, Girl, Val Surf, Royal Trucks, Spitfire, Bones, and Diamond Bolts. Hank III’s sponsors include: Sector 9, Vox and Electric.

Laird Hamilton – Friday 12.12.08

Aloha, we end best of The Daily Habit week with the Waterman of all watermen, legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Plus Gerry Lopez, Chris Malloy and hundreds of surfers hit New York City for a Stand-up Paddle Race for Autism Awareness. Also, today’s guest Laird Hamilton and other surfers and celebrities show us how the Oceana Foundation can help save our precious oceans. Laird Hamilton’s sponsors include: Wonderwall, Oxbow and Standup Surfboards.

This week on FUEL TV’s Weekly Update with Boost Mobile, we’ll feature highlights from the Xcel Pro in Hawaii where Pancho Sullivan won. In other surf news, we cover the Reef Hawaiian Pro: Men where Michel Bourez takes the win and Reef Hawaiian Pro: Women where Carissa Moore wins.

In skate news, at the Active AM, Brandon Westgate wins. Tony Hawk was awarded the “Stocked Achievement Award” at the Stoked Awards 2008 Presented by Toyota Matrix.

In surf news, at the 3rd Annual Sean and Skippy Slater Invitational in Coco Beach, Florida, Kelly Slater takes the win.

On this week’s Weekly Update One-on-One, it’s Bede Durbridge.

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