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This Week on The Daily Habit

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This Week on The Daily Habit

Sliding Liberia Team: Chris Del Moro and Britton Caillouette – Monday 8.18.08

Filmmaker Britton Caillouette and surfer Chris Del Moro are here to talk about the award-winning documentary “Sliding Liberia.” And, correspondent Will Tant reports from Nicaragua from the impoverished city of Managua for the very special "Day of Lights" Festival. Plus, Chris Cote talks next generation of long boarding at the premiere of "Tales from the Black Van". Chris Del Moro’s sponsors include: Etnies, Honolua Surf Co., Bing Surfboards, Stamps Surfboards, Sambazon, Matuse Wetsuits, Jen Optics and Destination Surf.

Destin Cantrell and Mike Day – Tuesday 8.19.08

Today, one of the most talked about young FMX rippers out there, Destin Cantrell pops it into gear on The Habit. Plus, a super cross BMX rider on his last interview before he hops on that plane to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics.  Also, correspondent Jessica Smith finds out what it takes to create a successful Red Bull Experiment. Destin Cantrell’s sponsors include: Osiris, Dragon, Sullen, KTM Bikes, vitaminwater and Balls Deep Boxers. Mike Day’s sponsors include: Nike, Oakley, UGP, GT Bikes, Red Bull, ODI Grips and Fly Racing.

Adam Dyet, Chad Bartie, Aaron Homoki and the band Film School – Wednesday 8.20.08

Today’s guest is Nixon team rider and a Globe Double Stack Cash Attack winner – skater Adam Dyet hits The Habit along with fellow Bones team rider, Aaron Homoki. Also, Kewday team rider and skater, the thunder from down under, Chad Bartie is here. Plus, a live performance from the psychedelic rockers Film School. Adam Dyet’s sponsors include: Darkstar, Dekline, Bones, Indy, Lost, Nixon, BC Surf & Sport, Skullcandy, Green Room, and Skatepark of Tampa Party Team. Chad Bartie’s sponsors include: Billabong, Globe, Kewday Skateboards, Bones Wheels, FKD Bearings, and Sabre Vision. Aaron Homoki’s sponsors include: iPath, Enjoi, Bones, Independent Trucks, and Industrial Ride Shop.

Nathaniel Curran, Aaron Lieber and The Dillinger Escape Plan – Thursday 8.21.08

Fresh off his win at the 2008 Honda U.S. Open and sitting at the top of the WQS standings, pro surfer Nathaniel Curran is here. Plus, director of a very moving surf film “The Pursuit”, Aaron Lieber joins us. Correspondent Jordan Morris uncovers a different side of Brendan Fraser. Also, known for pioneering the style known as American mathcore, musical guest The Dillinger Escape Plan is in the studios. Nathaniel Curran’s sponsors include: Macbeth, Alpinestar, Al Merrick Surfboards, Revolution Surf Shop, Famous Wax, Excel Wetsuits and Fastclips.com.  Aaron Lieber’s sponsors include: Etnies, Oakley, Hurley, Surf Prescription, FUBAR, Shakalaka, VAS, Surfline and Transworld Surf.

Tony Alva and Team – Friday 8.22.08

Today’s guest was a member of the original Zephyr team – Skate legend Tony Alva is back on the habit and he’s announcing the new Alva skate team. Plus, he’s known for his role as Freddy Kruger, Robert Englund is on The Habit. Also, we sent Chris Pastras to the Alva Store for the collaborative artwork of Tony Alva and Mark Gonzales.

This week on FUEL TV’s The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile: we have complete coverage of ASP World Tour contest the Rip Curl Search where Bruce Irons wins and Fred Patacchia comes in second.

In FMX news, the Red Bull X-Fighters hits Spain, and Mat Rebeaud wins, with Andre Villa coming in second.

At the S3 Supergirl: Jr. Pro Surf Contest, Coco Ho wins and Nikita Robb takes second in the water. At the S3 Supergirl: Skate Street contest, Lauren Perkins wins and Rachel Reinhard takes second. In the S3 Supergirl: Bowl Jam, Mimi Knoop takes the top spot. And finally at the Snowboard Rail Jam, Laurie Currier takes the event with Raewyn Reid sliding to second.

In skateboard news, we hit the Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Skins Classic.

In The Weekly Update One-on-One interview, we sit down with FMX pro Mat Bebeaud and he talks about his training and move to the U.S.

To watch The Weekly Update with Boost Mobile on Fox Sports Net, check your local FSN dates and show times at: http://msn.foxsports.com

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