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This Week On The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, The Daily Habit, and www.fuel.tv

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This Week On The Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, The Daily Habit, and www.fuel.tv

Kevin Pearce, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis and music guest The Knux – Monday 11.10.08

It’s always snowing somewhere, but today guest host Keir Dillon will be hanging in studio with Burton team riders and pro snowboarders: Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis and Kevin Pearce. Plus, today’s musical guest The Knux brings their progressive beats to the studio. Also, Chris Cote practices his poker face for Jenny McCarthy and Ryan Sheckler. Kevin Pearce’s sponsors include: Oakley, Volcom, Burton, Sobe, Frends, Nixon and Embasi. Mason Aguirre’s sponsors include: Nike 6.0, Smith, Burton, Amp Energy, Nixon, Val Surf, and Mammoth Mtn. Danny Davis’ sponsors include:  Dragon, Analog, Burton, and Mountain Dew.

Shaun White and Jussi Oksanen – Tuesday 11.11.08

Guest host Keir Dillon is back to hang out with the Fin born to win, Burton team rider and pro snowboarder Jussi Oksanen. Plus, skate and snowboard medal collector Shaun White is here to catch us up on his incredible ride. Also, we’ll take a look at the highly anticipated videogame Shaun helped design. Shaun White’s sponsors include: Adio, Oakley, Burton, Target and Red Bull. Jussi Oksanen’s sponsors include: Northstar at Tahoe, DVS, Smith, WESC, Burton, Rockstar Energy, and Mizu.

Mark Landvik and Dave Parsa – Wednesday 11.12.08

Today, taking time from his never ending quest for powder, pro snowboarder Mark Landvik drops in to talk about his part in the new film, “That’s it, That’s All”. Plus, director Dave Parsa is here to talk about his new documentary, “LIVE: A Music and Surfing Experience”. Also, we head over to Hollywood to check in with Chris Cote at the 2008 Life Rolls On event. Mark Landvik’s sponsors include: Vans, Lib Tech, Anon, Volcom, Estate Hats, and Drop Gloves.

Anne-Flore Marxer, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and music guest Senses Fail – Thursday 11.13.08

Pro snowboarder and Oakley team rider Anne-Flore Marxer is back in our studios. And you may know him as Zack from Saved by the Bell, but he’s got a new show that you won’t wanna miss - Mark-Paul Gosselaar drops in on the Habit. Plus, we bring you a few passionate performances from today’s musical guest Senses Fail. Anne-Flore Marxer’s sponsors include: DVS, Oakley, Fiat, Les Ettes (Parfume) and Bluebird Wax.

Felix Arguelles, Kellen James and music guest The Gaslight Anthem – Friday 11.14.08

Veteran skater, producer, designer and one of the original SHUT riders, Felix Arguelles is coming by the Habit. Plus, Sk8mafia team rider and pro skater Kellen James is in the studio. Also, a band that made a splash at the South by Southwest Music Festival with their heartland roots, rockers The Gaslight Anthem perform. Felix Arguelles’ sponsors include: Famous Stars and Straps, Shut Skateboards, Independent Trucks, theberrics.com, onefelix.com, Lexani. Kellen James’ sponsors include: eS, Electric, JSLV, Sk8Mafia, Venture, Street Machine, and Brixton.

This week on FUEL TV’s Weekly Update With Boost Mobile, we have complete coverage of the Damn Am presented by Volcom and Cons, where David Loy wins. Charlie Bowers wins the Red Bull Trick or Treat.

In other skate news, Volcom’s Wild In The Parks Championships, David Langston wins the amateur skate competition.

In BMX news, at the Ghetto Big Air Challenge, Garret Guilliams wins the highest air and Chad Kagy and Simon Tabron tie for best trick. BMX Pro Mike Aitken suffered severe head injuries from a crash in October. Since then, the action sports community has banded together to raise money for his recovery.

In other news, Stefan Gimpl comes out on top in the snowboarding division at the Annual Freestyle CH Contest in Zurich, Switzerland. At the FMX Superfinal, Mat Rebeaud takes the FMX win. Sandro Diaz won skateboarding and was crowned 2008 Crossover Champ.

In surfing news, Bede Durbidge has won the Hang Loose Santa Catalina Pro. On the ASP Women’s World Tour, Stephanie Gilmore has won the Movistar Classic Mancora, Peru, putting her back in the overall points lead with just two events remaining.

In snowboard news, Burton premiered its newest snowboard video “It’s Always Snowing Somewhere” in Los Angeles. The World Cup season is underway, and Peetu Piiroinen defeats defending world champ Stefan Gimpl at the LG Snowboard FIS World Cup in London.

Oakley premiered its new women’s movie “Uniquely” to a packed house.

In our Green Scene, we profile West Wetsuits newest limestone wetsuit.

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