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TOMS “Shoes for Tomorrow” Announces Debut in Action Sports Market

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TOMS “Shoes for Tomorrow” Announces Debut in Action Sports Market
Thriving Casual Footwear Brand Gives One Pair to Child in Need for Every Pair Sold

It’s a simple idea that caught fire in the fashion industry marking a new paradigm for socially responsible brands and earning credibility everywhere from national television, to the pages of Vogue and Elle.  For every pair of shoes sold, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need.  Its 30 year-old founder Blake Mycoskie began the company just one year ago with a singular mission…to make life more comfortable.  TOMS are being introduced to what is seemingly its most indigenous market in Spring 2008, the increasingly conscientious action sports consumer.  Look out for TOMS’ debut at ASR September 7-9, 2007 in booth #1902 when Blake will be on hand to share the TOMS Story and children from the San Diego community will be creating original TOMS canvas shoes in-booth throughout the week.

Blake created TOMS in 2006 out of a commitment to produce stylish, comfortable, and practical footwear while improving the lives of children around the world.  Since its inception just one year ago, TOMS has given more than 10,000 pairs with an estimated 50,000 to be given in 2007 alone.  TOMS are offered in one casual, slip-on silhouette based on a simple, yet versatile Argentinean utility shoe known as the Alpargata, with upper patterns and materials that cater to the fashion sensibilities of men, women and kids alike.  TOMS are composed of high quality materials including lightweight, breathable canvas or burlap uppers, durable, rubber outsoles and ultra comfortable soft leather insoles with stand out contrast liners.  Each pair is packaged in a reusable canvas shoe bag for storage and bares the TOMS flag, allowing the wearer to walk with the knowledge that he or she is helping a child in need.  As comfortable as a slipper, but one up in styling on the flip flop, TOMS are the consummate casual shoes for the beach, travel or street wear.   TOMS are already gaining popularity in recognized Action Sports retailers including Val Surf, Becker Surf, Surfside Sports, Thalia Street Surf Shop and Hobie.

TOMS’ Spring 2008 collection will include seven styles for men, and five styles for women in a host of colors and patterns.  From tonal and striped canvas styles in a variety of color blockings, to burlap, madras and repeat patterns bearing inspirational quotes that will change each season, there is TOMS style to suit every taste.  This season, TOMS will immortalize Ghandi’s credo “Be the Change You Want to See in the World“.  TOMS will now be available beginning at $38.00 nationwide in better surf, skate and lifestyle retailers. 

About Blake Mycoskie

After years of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Blake Mycoskie put his life on hold and took a well deserved extended vacation.  First stop, South America. Brazil, Uraguay and finally Argentina in January 2006, Mycoskie quickly immersed himself into the Argentine culture; he learned to sail, tango and play competitive polo.   He unquestionably felt at home in the foreign land, invigorated and inspired.

However, Mycoskie quickly became aware of the difficulties of the impoverished people in Argentina. He was challenged emotionally as he visited villages without fresh water and where few, if any, of the children had shoes. The lack of basic needs contributed to many health issues, infections, and in the most extreme circumstances, even death.

About TOMS
Venice, California-based TOMS, which stands for Shoes for ‘TOM’morrow was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie.  TOMS functions under the credo of No Sweatshops and all of the materials and products are produced and manufactured in Argentina under the strictest guidelines, ensuring both fair labor practices and minimal impact on the environment.  For more information about TOMS or to order online, visit

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291