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Transworld SURF Checks Itself With a New Photo Editor

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Transworld SURF Checks Itself With a New Photo Editor

Oceanside, CA – January 24, 2008 – Transworld SURF, a division of Bonnier Corporation, is proud to announce that Aaron Checkwood has been hired as the new Photo Editor.

In 1999, Aaron helped to get the engines firing at a fledgling Transworld SURF and in his six years at Transworld, Aaron worked his way up from staff writer to Senior Editor (You may also remember Aaron’s antics in our famous “Whack/On Track” campaign a few years back). Checkwood then went on to Body Glove, where he served as Marketing Manager until he left to become Global Surf Team Manager for Dragon in 2006.

Other than his vast knowledge of all things Transworld, Aaron’s surf pedigree speaks for itself: He’s smashed many-a-master in the N.S.S.A., he’s shot a cover of Surfer Magazine, he has traveled the world a few times with Mick Fanning and crew, and he also moved into the exclusive “Fire Mountain” area with more than a few Transworld alums.

“We missed him too much,” says Chris Cote, Editor in Chief of Transworld SURF. “We didn’t need to look too far when it came to hiring a new Photo Editor.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better fit for the team,” said Charlie Anderson, Associate Publisher for Transworld SURF. “Checkerpig simply compliments the level of creativity, humor, and innovativeness that everyone brings to the plate. He is one of the rare guys in this industry that’s loved by all the surfers and work horses, because he’s amazing at what he does. It’s a marriage made in heaven and he’s from Oceanside. Need I say more?”


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