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Troy Scott, Domestic Account Manager, Ellsworth Bikes

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Troy Scott, Domestic Account Manager, Ellsworth Bikes

Finding a job is all about having connections, especially in this industry.  True or False?  In this case, false!  Troy Scott, now Domestic Accounts Manager at Ellsworth bikes in San Diego, Calif. was able to land his position without any connections, and from over 500 miles away.  Read on to find out how he made it happen.

How long had you been using Malakye to search for job opportunities before landing a position with Ellsworth?

Actually not that long at all. I had stumbled across it back in July while doing random Google searches for jobs in cycling. I was only just toying with the notion of switching careers then, but it gave me a great resource for later when I got more serious in my search. Funny enough I first spotted the Ellsworth position on my Malakye app!

When did you come up with the idea of submitting a video to go along with your resume?

Everyone always talks about ways to stand out in the endless abyss of applicants. I thought what better way to stand out than by throwing together a video that speaks directly to my audience with both footage and captions (that's my Communication degree kicking in!!)


Was the video what promoted Ellsworth to give you a call?

I think it definitely had a BIG impact on prompting at least an initial call. I remember Bryan at Ellsworth mentioning at the beginning of our initial phone conversation that he saw the video; and later at the in-person interview making sure the CEO Mike saw it too. Resume and Cover Letter were of course important, but attempting to have somebody 'read' your passion is pretty challenging.

Do you think that you would have been called for an interview without showcasing your interest / passion / commitment to mountain biking?

Called, maybe. Offered the position, NO. It's entirely possible to teach nearly anyone about the ins and outs of a product and an industry, but without passion it's nothing more than widgets to them. Most quality companies appreciate how vital the added value of passion is.

With this being your first position in the bike industry, what are you most excited about?

Waking up every day, working in an industry that I love. I knew this was going to be an adventurous endeavor when my in-person interview consisted of a ride on the local San Diego trails!

Your career to this point has been in mainstream corporate society.  What from your past experience do you think will be most relevant and applicable in your new position?

It's hard for me to pick just one relevant experience. I've had some very unique opportunities to do everything from work with Gov Schwarzenegger to managing multiple branches of a bank to 100% commission sales. I'd say the most relevant and applicable experience I am bringing to this new position is my Swiss Army Knife of a background. I've always made sure to learn a great deal from everything I've done. With the right attitude, I believe everyone has the ability to transition into whatever career path they choose by showcasing the relevancy of their experiences.

“The only way to get a job in the industry is to know someone.”  True or False?

What can I say? I'm living proof of falseness.

What can you share with members of our audience that could be useful in their own job searches?

Play to your strengths, outline your skills, showcase your uniqueness, and success will follow.

1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291