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TV: "The Watcher" wins Second Round of G3

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“The Watcher” wins Second Round of G3, MountainGear.com Skigraphiks Contest
Third Round of SkiGraphiks contest continues in partnership with Bent Gate Mountaineering

“The Watcher” by Kathryn Whiteside of B.C., Canada was chosen this week as the winning design for the second round of G3’s Skigraphiks Contest. The design will be available for the public to purchase on G3’s Saint ski through online retailer MountainGear.com. The second of four month-long competitions wrapped up in October and the third competition, which is held in affiliation with Bent Gate Mountaineering, will continue through the month of November.

The SkiGraphiks competition, which has two more segments between now and December 31, encourages people to submit their graphic designs for a ski via the G3 Skigraphiks web site. The top four designs are produced in limited-edition G3 skis and are available for the public to buy through four online retailers. A grand-prize winner will be chosen once the final competition is completed.

British Columbia-based graphic designer Kathryn Whiteside was inspired to create the winning design as an answer to all the negativity that is happening in the world right now. According to the winner, “the word ‘Saint’ inspires hope and lets us focus on something greater than us. Even with all that is going on in the world right now, I think it’s safe to say that there is always someone or something watching out for you.”

To depict the idea of being watched over, Whiteside used an image of owl eyes from an owl she saw at the top of Mount Revelstoke, near her home in interior British Columbia, this summer.

In order to have their designs considered, contestants submitted a topsheet graphic for the G3 Saint Ski via the Skigraphiks website and the public voted on their favorite design. The winning design, “The Watcher,” was one of the most popular among viewers on the contest site, the favorite of Mountain Gear employees, and picked as the best design by a panel of G3 judges.

The graphic will be printed on the Saint Ski, G3’s lightweight, all-mountain ski designed for “both sides of the rope.” Whiteside will take home a free pair of the skis and a limited number will be available in December on MountainGear.com. Skis will be delivered to those who order them within six weeks.

The second round of the contest closed on October 31, but G3 fans still have two more chances to win. The third round picked up on November 1 and participants have until November 30 to submit a new design, this time for G3’s Zen Oxide ski. That limited-edition ski will be sold exclusively through BentGate.com.

This year’s challenge has four rounds, in concert with four partners – online retailers Backcountry.com, MountainGear.com and BentGate.com, and Backcountry Magazine online – each with a different G3 ski, so consumers have an opportunity to enter four competitions through December 31, 2011.

Here’s how it works: skiers can submit their designs at www.g3skigraphiks.com, the public gets to vote on them. The winner each month will get a pair of G3 skis with their graphic on the topsheet.

In addition, following each round of the competition, the skis will be available on a limited basis to the public. The online retailer affiliated with each respective month’s contest will take pre-orders for that particular limited-edition ski during the two weeks immediately after a winner is named. The skis will be delivered to anyone who buys it within six weeks of the close of ordering.

At the end of the contest, one of the designs will be chosen as Grand Prize winner by G3. The grand-prize winner, chosen two weeks after the last contest ends on December 31, will receive a ski package valued at over $1,400. The package will include a pair of skis with their winning top-sheet graphic, as well as G3 skins and G3 bindings. The skis will be shipped between six and twelve weeks after announcing each winner.

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