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Antigravity Batteries, LLC Careers and Employment in Gardena, CA

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Antigravity Batteries, LLC

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Gardena | US
Moto & Powersports
First and foremost we are a company specializing in lithium battery manufacture and production. We are not a trading company like most every other company selling this type of product. The trading companies import a copy-cat product and then sell them without really knowing what makes for a good lithium battery. We know the product and continue to design and develop it. We are devoted to building the best product available in terms of performance and durability, but also in regards to design and innovation.

Our MICRO-START is the ORIGINAL of its kind. Often copied, but never duplicated. It is the best selling and most reputable product in the Motorsports and Tool Channels. We know all the companies that produce the parts for Lithium-Ion products. We know who makes the quality cells and products, while trading companies know little of their product or of the manufacture process for producing quality products – cheaper versions offer cheaper material. We use higher quality & UL-listed lithium cells; the quality of the cells and circuit boards inside is the heart of the product.

We are an American company dedicated to producing the most innovative, quality products in the Lithium-Ion market. When you purchase an Antigravity Micro-Start you are getting the best and highest quality in every component from Power Cells to our over-all design and build quality. The MICRO-START product line by Antigravity Batteries is known for its stellar performance and quality.

Recently Consumer Reports honored the Micro-Start as the #1 Rated Jump-Starter over 12 competitors. Micro-Starts are the ORIGINAL, best selling, world’s smallest lithium jump-starters that can also Charge & Power any of your electronics. Charge your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, GoPro & other Cameras, MP3 Players, PSPs and numerous other devices.

The Micro-Start is your POCKET-SIZED Personal Power Supply (PPS) that you simply charge once then conveniently take with you everywhere. It has stunning ability to Jump-Start your vehicles with ease, including V8 and Diesel Trucks**. It features a built-in LED Flashlight with two flash patterns. It also comes in a compact carry case as a complete kit with all the accessories you need. Never worry about returning to a dead battery or having an electrical outlet nearby. Take portable power wherever you go and always be prepared to supply back-up energy to charge your devices or jump-start your vehicles.
1501 Lincoln Blvd.#1014 Venice, CA. 90291